Sysiphus II - Sysiphus in Ägypten

the real Sysiphus 2 - great role-playing game

How do you like the huge title-page? glamour and celebrity on the good old 64 !!

Say "J" to load the "demo" (that is this title).

*** beware: do not load the game with fastloader, use F2 in the CCS64.


Published: GAME ON Magazine 01/92 B via CP Verlag (1992) sysiphus_in_aegypten_big_title sysiphus_in_aegypten_ingame1 sysiphus_in_aegypten_ingame2 sysiphus_in_aegypten_ingame3 sysiphus_in_aegypten_ingame4

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*** haha - nobody really managed to start this cool game once before I guess, because the fast-loader of the GAME-ON (red flickering lights while loading) is incompatible with the CCS64.)

So comeon - give me a link at least...

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story and docs  


sysiphus2_story3 sysiphus2_story3 sysiphus2_story3 sysiphus2_dox1 sysiphus2_dox2 sysiphus2_dox3 Download
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