Jez + Yon at TAT/MNX party 1989

yes, I found a really old picture from Yon and me and recovered it ...
get it here

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Krestology screenshots

Krestology gallery shows some really hot screenshots of Crest's winning demo from 1996.


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Mine Fields one of the best games ever...

TND64 reviews my minefields as one of the best C64 games ever... that's great for me, especially this game was a "weekender" that took me not more than 60 hours hard work and brought me some nice bucks...

Of course Richard, it was written in Austria were I was born, were I live and plan to die :-) German CP-Verlag "only" sold it for me i.e. paid me a fixum for it for the distribution license... :-)

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c64.cc Your one stop resource for Commodore 64 related websites.

COCOS - The Commodore Computer Sitelist brought to you by Padua: Magazines

Your one stop resource for Commodore 64 related websites.

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Try this next...

tima mt plug-ins.

plugin that provides a series of tags for retrieving an RSS feed and inserting it into a MovableType template

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C-One Releaseparty

didn't notice there was a
C-ONE Reconfigurable Computer release party

I wonder when this thing will be finished???

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Reebok / TMB

ReeBoK - TMB - The Megabrain - Mahtiaivo - Severin-Stephan Kittl

ReeBoK, TMB (The Megabrain) and Mahtiaivo.

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P800 C64-Emulator

E32Frodo - Open Source Commodore 64 emulator for Symbian OS
what a cool tool to start on your Sony Ericsson P800...

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MWS married

Markus Wiederstein
aka MWS/RadWar has married :-)

MWS & Dany's Wedding Day 03.05.2002

he also told me yesterday, that he's also already father of his son Leon (18.12.2002)

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Chris Cemper other page

Christoph C. Cemper

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This is the first entry for Retro-Sites... me

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