Opera for 8-bit computers

Did you know, that Opera (7.11) has a nostalgy mode for viewing the web from a C-64 viewpoint?

All you have to do is

  1. switch to "user mode" on the exactly first button left to the adress-bar
  2. then enable "nostalgia"
  3. then enjoy!
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Dutch Breeze by Blackmail

checkout Dutch Breeze by Blackmail @C64.CH

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Vlindertjes are Butterflies

The V2 of "Vlindertjes" (Butterflies in english) by Edwin van Santen of 20CC is a nice remake of it's own predecessor and very successful intro-tune. This new version has a lot more tune as is less squeeky... enjoy!

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Magnetic Dreams mags

Back in 1989 on the C-64 I founded the MAGNETIX programmer connection, a group of programmers, graphicans, musicians, swappers (the people in charge for distributing software via disks sent via snail-mail or very slow modems) together with Jörg Schäfers.

We created a disk-magazine, the pre-HTML/Internet substitute for web browsing. Articles, graphics, musics and nice demos were put together on a C-64 disk in english and german (the first bi-lingual disk-magazine back in 1989!). Digital Marketing, a german software house, provided an order-service for the Magnetic Dreams, but I guess there were only a few orders per month. After all it was a "scene"-magazine and those best things are free - now and 15 years ago as well...

I managed to recover all of the issues from web archives and provide them here centrally.

The Zips containing the D64 disk images can be downloaded directly here:

Magnetic Dreams #1, April 1989
Magnetic Dreams #2, May 1989
Magnetic Dreams #3, June 1989
Magnetic Dreams #4, July 1989
Magnetic Dreams #5, August 1989
Magnetic Dreams #6, October 1989
Magnetic Dreams #7, November 1989
Magnetic Dreams #8, December 1989
Magnetic Dreams #9, January 1990
Magnetic Dreams #10, February 1990
Magnetic Dreams #11, March 1990

You need a C64 emulator like CCS64 which can be downloaded at computerbrains

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Make my weblog play sounds

If you have your SidPlugin installed (very much recommended plugin for your browser to play C64-tunes (Called SIDs according to the 6581 sound-chip of the Commodore 64)) then you will be able to enjoy some great musics, even in-game sounds from my games.

Tip: you can also listen to a few thousands C64 tunes (stored as .SID files) using the stand-alone SidPlay

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Breeze of Diogenes

Breeze of Diogenes was a great demo by X-ample and this tune was created by Thomas Detert in 1989, who also used to create the tunes for all CP-Verlag magazines like Magic Disk, Game On, etc... although I have no idea what the demo plot or FX was about, the tune is still burned into my mind... I guess that's because of the addictive highline...

You can download the demo at Pouet but I didn't try it yet...

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Omega Force One by Jo

*Closing in* by the famous Jeroen Tel 1990 / Maniacs of Noise

continue reading in detail-view to listen ;-)

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Tune of the day

Tune of the day... Amtrak by Edwin van Santen 1989 in the 20CC (20th Century Composers)

continue reading in detail-view to listen ;-)

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Assembly'03 C-64 tunes

wow, the 12th Assembly party, a scene coders/artists/musician/activist party has happended on the last weekend...
and while checking out some demos for the P800 (yes - they have a mobile-demo competition) I also noticed the oldskool-music-competition... with dudes creating great C-64 music... you can download them as MP3s for your convenience not having to install Sidplay / Sidplug (although thats worth it)...
just go and checkout all these C-64 tunes at the Assembly-ftp
Place Points Title Credit
1 5534 Cyberdragon [C64] Reed / Fairlight
2 2147 1, 2, 3, C-64 [XM] Little Bitchard
3 1785 Sister of The Last Ninja [C64] Ferrara / phObos team
4 1774 Popstar [C64] Britelite / Dekadence
5 1560 You can do it but Not like We do it! [XM] Dubmood .Feat Zabutom
6 1526 Amstrad Memories [XM] Thor/Quadra
7 1474 Eskon Kosto [S3M] Signal
8 1474 Mystic Method [C64] jammic
9 1463 Tokyo Nightwatch [Spectrum] Gasman / Hooy-Program
10 1442 Ancient Song [C64] SounDemoN / Dekadence
11 1276 Antti Returns to Lintuvaara [C64] Ville Nurmi of www.c64hq.com
12 1269 Homage [C64] Ed/Wrath Designs
13 1044 Helikopter [C64] Jankha
14 850 Sakkeus tule ulos seinästä [XM] säästöpojat
15 797 Nykyinen Virta [C64] Teel / Matt Current ^ Faktory
16 0 Artex Leon & Vincenzo

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C1-Killer: XGamestation for hard- & softwaredevelopment from $ 100,-

the XGameStationis a Video Game System development kit. XGameStation is a 16-bit video game console designed specifically for both hardware and software hackers. The system outputs video and audio directly to any TV via composite video, and is compatible with PlayStation DualShock controllers. Games are played off custom cartridges that you burn yourself.

-Single board design for ease of access and modding.
-Third-generation Motorola 68HCS12 16-bit processor @ 25 MHz.
-FPGA with graphics processing unit.
-Graphics architecture similar to Commodore 64, Atari 800 and Apple II.
-Polyphonic FM synthesis and digital sound channel.
-Direct TV output (PAL and NTSC supported).
-Compatible with PlayStation II DualShock controller.
-PC-compatible PS2 serial port.
-Comes with one reprogrammable 64KBlock game cartridge.
-Multiple general-purpose expansion ports.
-Socket for additional 65816 CPU (high-speed, 16-bit 6502 CPU).

all this to be released on Dec 12th 2003 for just USD 100,- !!!

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P800 also here...

Chris Cemper's C64 creations and weblog: P800 C64-Emulator is one P800 entry...

be sure to go also to my tech-weblog P800 category


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