LMAO : Commodore 64 found at MYER Centre, Brisbane, Australia

The Commodore 64 is still being used for commercial purposes. Folks from discovered this truly rare occurrence at MYER Centre main bus station terminal - Brisbane, Australia.

Someone must have reset the computer and at our shocking surprise a familiar blue screen appeared on the display. In commodore 64 days blue screen used to be a good sign, not a sign of dead Windows 98/2K. How reliable C64 is proves the fact that it is still being used to inform travelling people of 21st century.

see the link below for photos :-)

Gallery: Commodore 64 is Alive! - Analogik, Brisbane, Australia

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BlibbBlobb Chiptunes Podcast blog

Wow... I love this...

Reebok/TMB aka mahtiaivo created a weblog solely dedicated to posting podcasts with chiptunes - i.e. sounds from original C64 music chips, ZX Spectrum music chips, etc.etc... what a wonderful xmas gift to fall into romantic memories with our teenie or kiddie years :-)

The playlists reads like the Who is who in 8bit computer sound artists

Factor6 - Mad Max (AtariST cover)
TDM - Startrash (C64 Cover)
Gasman - PixyFluff
TDM - New Age
X-agon - Old-Skool (C64 cover)
Megus - Robocop (C64 cover)
Gasman - Delta (C64 cover)
X-agon - I am fine
Factor6 - From Enigma demo (Amiga cover)
X-agon - MozicART C64 (C64 cover)
Factor6 - Last
X-agon - Co ja vim
Factor6 - Beetle

Rob Hubbard - The Last V8
Unknown71 (from HVSC)
Fred Gray - Shadow Fire
Unknown06 (from HVSC)
Oliver Kläwer - Emerald Mine 2
Charles Deenen - Mr.Heli
Red - Traz
Matt Gray - Quedex
Laxity - 3545 II
F.A.M.E. - F.A.M.E. 1
Markus Schneider - Level99 Intro
JCH - No Birthday
Rob Hubbard - Zoids

Purple Motion - StarPort BBS Introtune
Dalezy - Comitek-BBS-Intro-Tune
Chris Korte - Crystal BBS 2
Hannes Seifert - The Bomb Is Started
Metal - Knaldout
$pleen - Dark Light
Jesper Olsen - Like Galway
$pleen - Be Normal
Madness - Don't Shout!
Metal & Drax - Breaking Wind
Bird - Scene
JCH - The Alibi (C64 cover)
Marvin - Tick Tack Toe
Phandral - Dreaming
Madness - Believe In The Past
Metal - Il Numitare Et Sulfo

Check it out today - I love it!

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