CyberDrunk BBS Vienna

Setup and operated a goold old modem-driven BBS (mailbox, bulleting-board-service), a communication forum without TCP/IP, Windows, Internet Explorer, Java, etc... Cost me a lot of money and I learned a lot about performance tuning, scaling of multi-user-systems with batch-backend processing (for virii-scanning, re-packing to ad some mailbox-ads, etc...)

I implemented various batch-processing tools for DOS and OS/2 (the host system of the BBS for it's great multitasker)...

The whole was networked world-wide via good old FIDO-Net - CyberDrunk BBS was FIDO-point 2:310/64.17... (wow - just a few years and that is stone-age to me...)

Expect to see some download-links for old intros... (BBStros)
Download BBStro including 80x86 assembler source code that was implemented by myself, but be warned: you will need an Adlib compatible sound-card or any kind of emulator... (heard about that, but got no clue where to find...)

BBS-ads like this
or this were created by me.

Posted by ccc at 17.01.94 17:57