BlibbBlobb Chiptunes Podcast blog

Wow... I love this...

Reebok/TMB aka mahtiaivo created a weblog solely dedicated to posting podcasts with chiptunes - i.e. sounds from original C64 music chips, ZX Spectrum music chips, etc.etc... what a wonderful xmas gift to fall into romantic memories with our teenie or kiddie years :-)

The playlists reads like the Who is who in 8bit computer sound artists

Factor6 - Mad Max (AtariST cover)
TDM - Startrash (C64 Cover)
Gasman - PixyFluff
TDM - New Age
X-agon - Old-Skool (C64 cover)
Megus - Robocop (C64 cover)
Gasman - Delta (C64 cover)
X-agon - I am fine
Factor6 - From Enigma demo (Amiga cover)
X-agon - MozicART C64 (C64 cover)
Factor6 - Last
X-agon - Co ja vim
Factor6 - Beetle

Rob Hubbard - The Last V8
Unknown71 (from HVSC)
Fred Gray - Shadow Fire
Unknown06 (from HVSC)
Oliver Kläwer - Emerald Mine 2
Charles Deenen - Mr.Heli
Red - Traz
Matt Gray - Quedex
Laxity - 3545 II
F.A.M.E. - F.A.M.E. 1
Markus Schneider - Level99 Intro
JCH - No Birthday
Rob Hubbard - Zoids

Purple Motion - StarPort BBS Introtune
Dalezy - Comitek-BBS-Intro-Tune
Chris Korte - Crystal BBS 2
Hannes Seifert - The Bomb Is Started
Metal - Knaldout
$pleen - Dark Light
Jesper Olsen - Like Galway
$pleen - Be Normal
Madness - Don't Shout!
Metal & Drax - Breaking Wind
Bird - Scene
JCH - The Alibi (C64 cover)
Marvin - Tick Tack Toe
Phandral - Dreaming
Madness - Believe In The Past
Metal - Il Numitare Et Sulfo

Check it out today - I love it!

Posted by ccc at 23.12.05 10:58