Commodore Video Rental system

Cool - thanks to Ole lund I found this nice professional and "cheap" system ad commodore 64 - complete video rental system

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C1-Killer: XGamestation for hard- & softwaredevelopment from $ 100,-

the XGameStationis a Video Game System development kit. XGameStation is a 16-bit video game console designed specifically for both hardware and software hackers. The system outputs video and audio directly to any TV via composite video, and is compatible with PlayStation DualShock controllers. Games are played off custom cartridges that you burn yourself.

-Single board design for ease of access and modding.
-Third-generation Motorola 68HCS12 16-bit processor @ 25 MHz.
-FPGA with graphics processing unit.
-Graphics architecture similar to Commodore 64, Atari 800 and Apple II.
-Polyphonic FM synthesis and digital sound channel.
-Direct TV output (PAL and NTSC supported).
-Compatible with PlayStation II DualShock controller.
-PC-compatible PS2 serial port.
-Comes with one reprogrammable 64KBlock game cartridge.
-Multiple general-purpose expansion ports.
-Socket for additional 65816 CPU (high-speed, 16-bit 6502 CPU).

all this to be released on Dec 12th 2003 for just USD 100,- !!!

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C-One Releaseparty

didn't notice there was a
C-ONE Reconfigurable Computer release party

I wonder when this thing will be finished???

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