Jeff Minter will be back on XBOX360

Jeff Minter, the creator of the famous C-64 game M.U.L.E will be back on the XBOX360 with a music visualization system similar to the one's that come with Winamp.

I wonder if it'll feature the cult-like Llama's that walked around in MULE... :-)

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R2D2 site in english

r2d2 finally has her page in english... happy watching...

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R2D2's C=64 Tattoo page

TMB came to lunch this night and not only introduced me to MSN Messenger 6.1 but aswell the freaky girl R2D2 with a really nifty tatoo that she exposes on her Suomi page ...

According to TMB this is all real... no fakes :-) (

...check it out to find out about her other cool body enhancements and tell me when you found the "Suomi/Finish to English Option" in the google-translator :-)

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Jez + Yon at TAT/MNX party 1989

yes, I found a really old picture from Yon and me and recovered it ...
get it here

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Reebok / TMB

ReeBoK - TMB - The Megabrain - Mahtiaivo - Severin-Stephan Kittl

ReeBoK, TMB (The Megabrain) and Mahtiaivo.

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MWS married

Markus Wiederstein
aka MWS/RadWar has married :-)

MWS & Dany's Wedding Day 03.05.2002

he also told me yesterday, that he's also already father of his son Leon (18.12.2002)

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