TinySid for PSP

Just came across PSP Tiny SID v0.1 for the PSP - a sid player for the Sony PlayStation Portable :-) freaky....

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New Games by me found!

WOW! TND mailed me today about two games he found at Gamebase 64 ...

  • Source of light - the first tries and machine code experiments in an unplayable Uridium clone - more a sort of technology study with sound-fx, grafix etc. done by me (when I was 14 or so...)
  • High Memory - a little memory game that makes you crazy because of exchanging the cards after a false try.. a typical YON game idea... I had no clue about this, I guess we finished it together in some hours and then forgot about it...

I guess I am going to add them to my games collection page some day - at least high memory deserves the name game... the SOL is not really something to save for the future...

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Opera for 8-bit computers

Did you know, that Opera (7.11) has a nostalgy mode for viewing the web from a C-64 viewpoint?

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Magnetic Dreams mags

Back in 1989 on the C-64 I founded the MAGNETIX programmer connection, a group of programmers, graphicans, musicians, swappers (the people in charge for distributing software via disks sent via snail-mail or very slow modems) together with Jörg Schäfers.

We created a disk-magazine, the pre-HTML/Internet substitute for web browsing. Articles, graphics, musics and nice demos were put together on a C-64 disk in english and german (the first bi-lingual disk-magazine back in 1989!). Digital Marketing, a german software house, provided an order-service for the Magnetic Dreams, but I guess there were only a few orders per month. After all it was a "scene"-magazine and those best things are free - now and 15 years ago as well...

I managed to recover all of the issues from web archives and provide them here centrally.

The Zips containing the D64 disk images can be downloaded directly here:

Magnetic Dreams #1, April 1989
Magnetic Dreams #2, May 1989
Magnetic Dreams #3, June 1989
Magnetic Dreams #4, July 1989
Magnetic Dreams #5, August 1989
Magnetic Dreams #6, October 1989
Magnetic Dreams #7, November 1989
Magnetic Dreams #8, December 1989
Magnetic Dreams #9, January 1990
Magnetic Dreams #10, February 1990
Magnetic Dreams #11, March 1990

You need a C64 emulator like CCS64 which can be downloaded at computerbrains

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Krestology screenshots

Krestology gallery shows some really hot screenshots of Crest's winning demo from 1996.


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Mine Fields one of the best games ever...

TND64 reviews my minefields as one of the best C64 games ever... that's great for me, especially this game was a "weekender" that took me not more than 60 hours hard work and brought me some nice bucks...

Of course Richard, it was written in Austria were I was born, were I live and plan to die :-) German CP-Verlag "only" sold it for me i.e. paid me a fixum for it for the distribution license... :-)

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Try this next...

tima mt plug-ins.

plugin that provides a series of tags for retrieving an RSS feed and inserting it into a MovableType template

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P800 C64-Emulator

E32Frodo - Open Source Commodore 64 emulator for Symbian OS
what a cool tool to start on your Sony Ericsson P800...

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CyberDrunk BBS Vienna

Setup and operated a goold old modem-driven BBS (mailbox, bulleting-board-service), a communication forum without TCP/IP, Windows, Internet Explorer, Java, etc... Cost me a lot of money and I learned a lot about performance tuning, scaling of multi-user-systems with batch-backend processing (for virii-scanning, re-packing to ad some mailbox-ads, etc...)

I implemented various batch-processing tools for DOS and OS/2 (the host system of the BBS for it's great multitasker)...

The whole was networked world-wide via good old FIDO-Net - CyberDrunk BBS was FIDO-point 2:310/64.17... (wow - just a few years and that is stone-age to me...)

Expect to see some download-links for old intros... (BBStros)
Download BBStro including 80x86 assembler source code that was implemented by myself, but be warned: you will need an Adlib compatible sound-card or any kind of emulator... (heard about that, but got no clue where to find...)

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My C64 Games Projects

Programming on the C64 taught me almost all I needed for the algorithmic part... no databases and networking yet of course, but yeah, implemented not only demos and tools but also a couple of really cool games.

Checkout my C64 Games Creation Page for more info and even downloads were you can play my games in one of the C64 emulators...

  • Duotris, Summer 1989
  • Sysiphus, Summer 1990
  • Sysiphus II, Summer 1991 (released 1992)
  • Schere, Stein, Papier 1991
  • MineFields, 1992
  • Holiday Games, Summer 1992 / commercially releases 1993

and more...

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