BlibbBlobb Chiptunes Podcast blog

Wow... I love this...

Reebok/TMB aka mahtiaivo created a weblog solely dedicated to posting podcasts with chiptunes - i.e. sounds from original C64 music chips, ZX Spectrum music chips, etc.etc... what a wonderful xmas gift to fall into romantic memories with our teenie or kiddie years :-)

The playlists reads like the Who is who in 8bit computer sound artists

Factor6 - Mad Max (AtariST cover)
TDM - Startrash (C64 Cover)
Gasman - PixyFluff
TDM - New Age
X-agon - Old-Skool (C64 cover)
Megus - Robocop (C64 cover)
Gasman - Delta (C64 cover)
X-agon - I am fine
Factor6 - From Enigma demo (Amiga cover)
X-agon - MozicART C64 (C64 cover)
Factor6 - Last
X-agon - Co ja vim
Factor6 - Beetle

Rob Hubbard - The Last V8
Unknown71 (from HVSC)
Fred Gray - Shadow Fire
Unknown06 (from HVSC)
Oliver Kläwer - Emerald Mine 2
Charles Deenen - Mr.Heli
Red - Traz
Matt Gray - Quedex
Laxity - 3545 II
F.A.M.E. - F.A.M.E. 1
Markus Schneider - Level99 Intro
JCH - No Birthday
Rob Hubbard - Zoids

Purple Motion - StarPort BBS Introtune
Dalezy - Comitek-BBS-Intro-Tune
Chris Korte - Crystal BBS 2
Hannes Seifert - The Bomb Is Started
Metal - Knaldout
$pleen - Dark Light
Jesper Olsen - Like Galway
$pleen - Be Normal
Madness - Don't Shout!
Metal & Drax - Breaking Wind
Bird - Scene
JCH - The Alibi (C64 cover)
Marvin - Tick Tack Toe
Phandral - Dreaming
Madness - Believe In The Past
Metal - Il Numitare Et Sulfo

Check it out today - I love it!

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Vlindertjes are Butterflies

The V2 of "Vlindertjes" (Butterflies in english) by Edwin van Santen of 20CC is a nice remake of it's own predecessor and very successful intro-tune. This new version has a lot more tune as is less squeeky... enjoy!

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Make my weblog play sounds

If you have your SidPlugin installed (very much recommended plugin for your browser to play C64-tunes (Called SIDs according to the 6581 sound-chip of the Commodore 64)) then you will be able to enjoy some great musics, even in-game sounds from my games.

Tip: you can also listen to a few thousands C64 tunes (stored as .SID files) using the stand-alone SidPlay

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Breeze of Diogenes

Breeze of Diogenes was a great demo by X-ample and this tune was created by Thomas Detert in 1989, who also used to create the tunes for all CP-Verlag magazines like Magic Disk, Game On, etc... although I have no idea what the demo plot or FX was about, the tune is still burned into my mind... I guess that's because of the addictive highline...

You can download the demo at Pouet but I didn't try it yet...

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Omega Force One by Jo

*Closing in* by the famous Jeroen Tel 1990 / Maniacs of Noise

continue reading in detail-view to listen ;-)

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Tune of the day

Tune of the day... Amtrak by Edwin van Santen 1989 in the 20CC (20th Century Composers)

continue reading in detail-view to listen ;-)

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Assembly'03 C-64 tunes

wow, the 12th Assembly party, a scene coders/artists/musician/activist party has happended on the last weekend...
and while checking out some demos for the P800 (yes - they have a mobile-demo competition) I also noticed the oldskool-music-competition... with dudes creating great C-64 music... you can download them as MP3s for your convenience not having to install Sidplay / Sidplug (although thats worth it)...
just go and checkout all these C-64 tunes at the Assembly-ftp
Place Points Title Credit
1 5534 Cyberdragon [C64] Reed / Fairlight
2 2147 1, 2, 3, C-64 [XM] Little Bitchard
3 1785 Sister of The Last Ninja [C64] Ferrara / phObos team
4 1774 Popstar [C64] Britelite / Dekadence
5 1560 You can do it but Not like We do it! [XM] Dubmood .Feat Zabutom
6 1526 Amstrad Memories [XM] Thor/Quadra
7 1474 Eskon Kosto [S3M] Signal
8 1474 Mystic Method [C64] jammic
9 1463 Tokyo Nightwatch [Spectrum] Gasman / Hooy-Program
10 1442 Ancient Song [C64] SounDemoN / Dekadence
11 1276 Antti Returns to Lintuvaara [C64] Ville Nurmi of www.c64hq.com
12 1269 Homage [C64] Ed/Wrath Designs
13 1044 Helikopter [C64] Jankha
14 850 Sakkeus tule ulos seinästä [XM] säästöpojat
15 797 Nykyinen Virta [C64] Teel / Matt Current ^ Faktory
16 0 Artex Leon & Vincenzo

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