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Duotris first game released commercially by Jez and Yon.
We sent out several copies, all byte-coded (with a special byte in the gamecode that idemtified the recipient in a hidden way...). The byte-code was needed pretty soon when a lamer of AMOK gave a copy of the game to Genesis Project, german cracking-group which boasted by cracking an unprotected game... Well after that we had mere troubles to find someone paying for it, but well.. we did.
Published: Game On Magazine via CP Verlag (1989) Duotris title more here...
Sysiphus A great sokoban-like game -
although a lot of C64-pages title this game "Sysiphus in Aegypten", it is not!
the name of this game simply SYSIPHUS
Published: GAME ON Magazine 11/91 B via CP Verlag (1991) sysiphus_title more here...
Sysiphus II - Sysiphus in Ägypten

the real Sysiphus 2 - great role-playing game

How do you like the huge title-page? glamour and celebrity on the good old 64 !!

Say "J" to load the "demo" (that is this title).

*** beware: do not load the game with fastloader, use F2 in the CCS64.


Published: GAME ON Magazine 01/92 B via CP Verlag (1992) sysiphus_in_aegypten_big_title more here...
Rock, Paper and Shear = Schere, Stein, Papier nice matchin-game, god knows who translated the game to english? we NOT Published: GAME ON Magazine via CP Verlag scheresteinpapier_title more here...
Holiday Games last game released commercially by JEZ + YON
creating this multi-discipline game took us a mere 6-8 weeks in the summer holidays. it was tough work with endless work hours but not so well paid for the effort... at least for those times..

Programmed By: Chris Cemper, Graphics By: Gerald Vogl & Friedrich Flekna, Sound By: Stefan Woltran, Stax & Lorus, Published 1993 on Golden Disk Magazine via CP Verlag

title more here...
MineFields a nice little inbetween game (meaning the coding aswell as for real playing). I was already active on the PC and found Bill Gate$ "Minesweeper" to cool so I ported it to 64-release! Published: GAME ON Magazine via CP Verlag (04/1992) minefields_title more here...
Ice Blaster Although I finished coding to 99%, I never released this game to public. Copyright Dome Development 1994???
Who the hell is this? I was not active in 1994 on the c64, therefore I guess they just stole it from me?
I guess it was again some AMOK-Lamer or G*P boy, giving this to some US-lamers for "cracking" and "fixing"... haha
this should never have reached the public... only one person had a copy of it... well... so we know again who was lame...
iceblaster ingame more here...
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